Jigs and Reels – Giveaway!

Hi everyone! Who here loves free stuff?

Jigs and Reels has been out for a whole week already! Woohoo! To celebrate, I’m giving away two ebook copies of my story through Rafflecopter. Participate in any of the three entry options for a chance to win!



Publication Update – Jigs and Reels

Holy crap, guys, this is insanity!

A couple weeks ago, I submitted a short story to JMS Books, and within three days (THREE DAYS), they got back to me and offered me a contract for it. I’ve heard good things about JMS Books, so I accepted! My short story, Jigs and Reels, will be released in September! It features an anxious fiddle player, a rambunctious singer/flutist, and is set at/around a Renaissance fair.


You may remember a few months ago, I found out my flash fiction entry for the Queer Sci-fi contest, “Renewal,” was selected for inclusion in the anthology. Since then, I’ve been notified that it has received an Honorable Mention, meaning it scored in the top 25 of all entries! This is also awesome!

Jigs and Reels will be my first standalone piece, and I believe it’s going to be published before the QSF anthology, so it’s technically my first publication. My debut!


I’ve also been paying attention to submission calls for various publishers and I think I might submit something for one of NineStar press’s calls. Short stories seem to be doing well for me.

I may eventually self-publish a short story collection. I’ve written several recently which are less than 10k, which means virtually no publisher wants them except for anthologies, which generally have a theme, which my stories probably don’t fit into. We’ll see about that.

For now, I am QUITE content with what I’ve accomplished this year. I will announce a publication date for Jigs and Reels as soon as I know it. For now, it’s “September.” Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

King of the Sea by Nathan Bay

This is not a book promotion or review blog, however, I wanted to share this experience because I feel like it’s an important lesson for writers (including myself).  I recently read a story/novella called King of the Sea by Nathan Bay. It’s his debut release, just came out on January 17.

I don’t recall if I discussed my recent merman dream on my blog, but long story short, I had a dream a couple weeks ago that involved mermen and I woke up with an overwhelming desire to write merman erotica. I tried, unsuccessfully, to find merman erotica online, because I have never read it before. The vague idea has been in the back of my head for weeks now, and then, because the universe is weird like that, I stumbled across this book. I bought and read it almost immediately.

The story did not overly impress me, but because it was Mr. Bay’s first book and had very few ratings, I left a review for it. I was not singing the praises, but I tried to be constructive in my criticism.

Today I got an email notification. New Goodreads message from Nathan Bay re: King of the Sea review. Despite my review not being the most positive thing in the world, he took time out of his day to message me and thank me for reading, rating, and reviewing.

So in return, I followed his Goodreads page, his Twitter, bumped my Goodreads rating up by one star, and will probably buy his next book, even though I wasn’t overwhelmed by his first.

Moral of this blog post? Readers like to feel that they are appreciated.

I hope when I eventually publish something, I can handle mediocre reviews with the same kind of poise.

King of the Sea by Nathan Bay – on Amazon and Goodreads.

Rainbow Snippet – 1/21/17 – Trystin

Happy Saturday everyone! Here’s my Rainbow Snippet for the week!

Trystin’s POV again, as he muses before picking his new house guest up from the hospital…

When I reached the hospital, I parked and sat in my car, staring up at the tall grey building. I thought about him, about all I knew about him, and realized I knew virtually nothing. He had an abusive background, he slept around, and… According to Ryan, who had called me after talking to Andrew in the hospital, “He’s a mess.” Beyond that, all I knew was what I’d learned the night I’d slept with him, and the more I thought about that night, the more I kicked myself for it. Not just because I’d cheated on Trisha, not just because I’d slipped back into bad habits for one night, but because it had led to this.


Rainbow Snippets is a group for LGBTQ+ authors, readers, and bloggers to gather once a week to share six sentences from a work of fiction–a WIP or a finished work or even a 6-sentence book recommendation (no spoilers please!). Visit the group for links to more snippets from LGBT works! While you’re over there, shoot me a friend request!

Rainbow Snippet 3 – 12/31/16 – Andrew

Hello, snippeteers! Here’s my Rainbow Snippet for the week! In last week’s snip, Andrew was with a man in a bar, reflecting on the difficulties of going home with strangers vs. stealing from strangers…  This snip takes place later that same night. It was not a good night for him.

I managed to pick my jeans out of the pile. I’d puked on them. Of course. Someone on the bed shifted their weight and I froze, ready to bolt, but when no one grabbed or struck me, I continued looking for my shirt. When I shrugged it on I found that half the buttons had been ripped off in their haste to get me naked. My hands were trembling, and I tried clenching them into fists to calm myself down but my muscles seemed oddly out of my control. I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t move right, and I just wanted to run screaming from the room…


Thank you for reading! Please leave a comment to let me know what you think! I love feedback.

Don’t forget to check out the group at the link above to find snips from other authors, and check back every weekend for more!

Visit the group for links to more snippets from LGBT works! While you’re over there, shoot me a friend request!


Holy shit you guys

I sent my first manuscript out as an unsolicited submission to Dreamspinner Press.

I did it. For real.

I attached it to an email and I clicked “Send” and a few hours later I got a “receipt confirmation” email and now I get to spend the next EIGHT WEEKS living in LIMBO waiting for… well, let’s be real, I’m expecting a rejection letter. I’m forcing myself to expect a rejection letter. I think my writing is good, it’s definitely better than some published stuff I’ve read, but I know that good writing isn’t the only factor that publishers consider.

So now I wait.

But, there’s no point in dwelling on it. In fact, there’s absolutely no point in even giving it a passing thought. If Valentine’s Day comes and goes and I haven’t heard anything, I’ll start to worry. But until then, until eight weeks have passed, there is nothing I can do and there is no point in worrying.

It’s easy to say, of course. It’s so easy to type things like “I am not going to worry” and “I am going to accomplish this goal.” It’s also easy to type “I am a tyrannosaurs rex” or “My hands are actually jellyfish.” Typing does not make these things true.

I’m not going to worry. I’m not, I’m not! I have another WIP to focus on, and two short stories that are in varying states of completion, plus I’m in the middle of reading three books, and Christmas is coming up, and I’m really throwing myself into this Twitter nonsense. I downloaded Hootsuite and I’m having fun with scheduling tweets. I sit around on my lunch break queuing up tweets for the next day or two. I also spend an hour or two actually on Twitter each night interacting with people (that’ll have to change though. I need to spend most of that time writing if I’m going to finish my nanowrimo WIP before Dec. 31).






The Road So Far

In my initial post back in October, I said I would be keeping you, my lovely reader(s), apprised of my writing progress, publication attempts, etc. Initially I did not think I would take NaNoWriMo so seriously, but I did, so there has been no forward momentum in the publication process thus far. My plan is to get the manuscript sent out to at least one publisher by the end of 2016. If that means I send the email on December 31 at 11:59 PM, I will consider that goal a success.

To get us all caught up, this is what has happened in my writing/revising/publishing process so far:

I started writing this thing in 2012, and the characters were in my head for at least a year or two before that. I wrote a large portion of it over the summer between school years in 2012, and then didn’t touch it for six months. I finished the first draft in 2013.

I then revised it, and revised it again, and revised it again, and wrote the first draft of a sequel, started to revise the sequel, decided I hated the entire sequel, trashed it, revised the first novel yet again, wrote another draft of the sequel, and now here we are, three years and four revisions later, getting ready to finally try to publish it. I never felt motivated to publish it until recently, so I’ve just been dilly-dallying. My next novel will not take three years to get submission-ready.


I am going to tweak it yet again; just one tiny little thing about one MC that’s always bugged me and I finally figured out why and how to fix it (thank god it’s fixable with a small tweak). Then I will be done.

In preparation for the publication attempts, I have: begun paying more attention to who publishes the M/M romance books I read. I’m investigating every publisher I see. I’m following publishers, editors, and authors on Twitter (I created a Twitter specifically to do so). I’m entering giveaways, joining reading lists, and of course, reading more in the genre I write. (contemporary gay romance)

These are all things the internet has told me I must do in order to prepare to publish a book. And so far I’m finding it helpful.

Now I just need to figure out how to write a synopsis. God save me.