Jigs and Reels pre-order available!

Hi everyone!

I know I’ve been kind of quiet on the blog front lately. I’m working on getting back in the swing of things. I just wanted to pop in and give another publication update!!! Jigs and Reels is up for pre-order! The release date is September 16. I am absolutely in love with this cover. Check out the blurb below and click the link under the image to pre-order!!


Jigs and Reels final


Elijah works in a cubicle, lives with his parents, and never goes on dates. It isn’t an exciting life, but it’s safe and easy and that’s good enough.

Then he meets Peter, a whirlwind of a man who leads a traveling renaissance band. Peter represents everything Eli usually avoids, but his boisterous enthusiasm is infectious… and his band needs a fiddle player.

When Eli agrees to fill in for a weekend, he awakens a part of himself he thought long gone. With Peter’s help, he shakes off the dust that has settled on his soul and remembers how to have fun.

But when the band asks him to join them permanently, is Eli’s newborn sense of adventure — and insane crush on a man he barely knows — enough to make him leave the safety of a life he’s clung to for years?

Click here to pre-order!!

I’m going to be arranging some sort of release party on September 16, so stay tuned!


Rainbow Snippets – 3/4/17 – Jigs and Reels

Good morning, snippet friends, and happy March! Spring is on its way~! I’m starting to clean up my flower beds and get ready to sow seeds towards the end of the month. Right now all my story ideas are based around music, because that’s my current obsession, but as we start to move into spring and summer I’ll likely find myself writing about men who love flowers and keep gardens. There is a distinct lack of flower-loving men in the books I read, so I think I need to write some. I was doing a bit of cleanup a couple weeks ago during a freakish warm spell and got a scene in my head that won’t go away, which involves raking leaves shirtless (and perhaps a nosy neighbor), but I don’t really know where it goes. It’ll have to gestate for a while.

Anyhoo, a few more lines from Jigs and Reels. After agreeing to fill in with the band for the festival weekend, Eli has to go back to work the next day. This is glimpse of his day job and his boss, MaryAnn, talking to his cubicle neighbor Ellen. I went over six lines, I know, but they’re mostly short lines.

MaryAnn waltzed out of her office. She looked like the kind of woman who could be knocked over in a strong wind—“waifish” is the word, I think. Tall, toothpick-thin, with an expression like she’d just popped a handful of extreme sour Warheads into her mouth.

“Ellen, you were six minutes late today. You know the acceptable cut-off is five minutes, right?”

“Yeah, I know,” Ellen sighed. “There was an accident. I had to go around.”

“Oh, that’s fine. Life happens.” MaryAnn smiled brightly. “Just don’t let it happen too much!” And she returned to her office.

“Yeah,” Ellen muttered. “Heaven forbid we let life happen outside this hell hole.”

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