Who am I?
My name is Leigh M. Lorien.

What do I do?
I write. Specifically, I write books and stories which entail two (or more!) queer people falling in love with each other. I write because I have to or my head will explode and a dimensional portal will open in the bleeding remnants of my neck which will suck my entire body through to an alternate reality where there are no books and no cats and no caffeine and everyone wears super uncomfortable business suits all the time and you have to have dinner with your in-laws every night. So basically hell. So I keep writing. Because I do not want to get sucked into hell via neck-hole-portal.

What do I like?
I like cats. I know, I know, everyone who uses the internet likes cats. I have four of them though. I also like, in no particular order: superhero movies, tattoos, Supernatural, music in foreign languages, flowers, deep dish pizza, Renaissance festivals, and dogs.